Please tell me any one solution for Penalty Reason: Multiple accounts

can i remove penalty by any request or method please any one tell me any solution


I checked my payout history few minutes ago and also received penalty for multiple accounts ( unfairly ).

I referred the app to few of my friends, and I know for a fact, that they are using the app on their home networks. So, we’re not on the same network or anything obviously. Were online friends and they NEVER were connected to my local network or such.
For the past two months, I got paid normally.

I managed to contact few of those friends, and some replied that they also got the penalty today.
You also got the penalty. I’m afraid they just didn’t pay a lot of people this month. Which leads me to believe they either made some mistake, or just didn’t want to pay people and made up a reason.

If this will not get reversed / resolved I will not be using this app anymore. And I will be sure to leave it a “nice” review everywhere I can.

Only way they could determine that someone has “multiple” accounts with certainty, is if someone would have multiple accounts and use one network ( Same IP address ).
I use other similar site which is very popular ( you probably know which ). And I used it for much longer that serpbot. Never had any issues. And same friends use it too.

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I too was denied and it was my first payout attempt. I have friends say that they have the same issue. I think this site is scamming people and only paying a select few to keep people claiming they are legit.

I think the problem is in the referral system. I still received my payment safely. I don’t use the referral system because I fear the same problem might occur to me.