Reason why most of 3rd world countries users get falsely accused of multiple accounts

Basically because most of you are in a trash ISP that refreshes the IP every now and then on its own, which is unusual in places like USA and Canada and Germany.

Just like in this image:


While this connection shouldn’t really change, it will in most 3rd world countries, and because it happens too much, the stupid idiot system of Clickspaid counts this as multiple accounts, anyway when you get falsely accused of this, stop working you ain’t getting a payout.

This will be your error message:

This message basically means “free work for clickspaid”, they will give you 0 help, and you might give them tons of tasks for free just like this:


These 10.4$ of true work is sadly going in vain.

Because when the monthly payout comes, this will be your effort:

A false penalty!

If you hit, just stop working find another buck site.

Thank me later for saving you time.


Do it on phone there’ll be no problem of changing ip address i hope it helps

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How many payouts you got? Are you from 3rd world country

@choikangmin19 only the first payment


Where are you from can you inbox me I don’t know how

Pretty freaking weird they sent the payment!

Hi how are you sir I want to ask,can I change my payout request?