Recieved the payment(Paypal)

Succesfully recieved my 1st payment. Thank you.
Also @karinvn76 please don’t comment "Congrats! To many more to come :tada: :confetti_ball: " man!! jk :smile::smile:


why mine still not yet ?

@jacksepticeye143 You’re the first person I’ve met that don’t want me to clap and cheer for you because you’ve received something before me… but OK… I will not do that on your post.

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lol i was just joking!!. i obviously wanted your appreciation.

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i received my 1 payment
thanks admin

did you get charged by PayPal transaction fee?

yes! i got charged about 8% of total value

@jacksepticeye143 - YAY!!! - Congrats! To many more to come :confetti_ball: :tada:

:sweat_smile: Thank you, now I feel better…