Sell your SMS and earn Euro

Sims cash is an application that allows you to send text messages from your phone, so you can generate revenue.You don’t have to do anything, it will only run in the background and send you the number of test messages you set in the settings. (Only in the country you designate)
You can determine the frequency of sending messages and the value of each message. (Per message 0.001 Euro - 0.01 Euro)
You can choose which countries you can send messages to.
You can set the message upper limit daily, weekly and monthly.

Payments are made in Euros, Payment types, minimum payment amounts and transfer fees are as follows:
Internal transfer (Between simcash accounts): Min payout= 1.00 EUR, (Fee=free)
XRP (Ripple): Min Payout: 6.00 EUR, (Fee= free)
USDT (US Tether): Min Payout: 15.00 EUR, (Fee= 2.00 EUR)
BTC (Bitcoin): Min Payout: 20.00 EUR, (Fee= 5.00 EUR)
Normal Bank Wire Transfer (Euro): Min. Payout: 50.00 EUR, (Fee: 10.00 EUR)
Normal Bank Wire Transfer (US Dollars): Min Payout: 50.00 EUR, (Fee: 15.00 EUR)
I started trying 6 hours after loading the first day, 5 consecutive messages were sent.

There is proof of payment on the internet, a Korean youtuber
“Earn Money with Aiza” shows proof of payment in her blood.

As soon as I receive the proof of payment, I will add it here.
You can register from the link below, I would be happy if you register with my reference code.

I wish you all a lot of earnings …

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