Task completed but showing failed

Hi @clickspaid2
I completed All the tasks but showing failed and money not credited in my balance
After completing the tasks i got a message that “the task is completed” but when i check in my dashboard it is failed
Why this is happening??
Resolve this problem as soon as possible


same problem please fixed it

same !!!

i complete all these it show no

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Same here.
“the task is completed” notification, but no money credited, and off course: “Success” = “No”

I think this is new scam in the market

Same is happening to me bro…

Almost Whole month passed but this problem not fixed yet by clickspaid
So i think this is a new scam with us

don’t think scam because they pay me, maybe problem will fix soon

Lets Hope for good
Please @clickspaid2 fix this problem as soon as possible



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Same here. This happens exactly when my earnings are at 9.95 $. One more task and reach the paypal required minimum payment. Very suspicious. I hope this is just a bug and is fixed. Please some admin give a serious response so we can stop wasting our time if you’re not going to pay us. Be respectful to people’s time please.


I think they are not paying in PayPal anymore
You should withdraw your money in Bitcoin or binance

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Yeahhh, I’m not clicking anymore until they fix the problem. Was sent a link for 10cents for the next 7 days so they have shorted me about 2 bucks this past 2 days and I legit didn’t even notice because this has never happened before. No thank you! Will be withdrawing my money when i can and will delete extension if they do not fix this by next pay out. Not worth it honestly, found other passive incomes that this one I do because I like it but no support means no need to be here! Can’t even find a way to make a ticket or reach out to support directly. If anyone knows how to, I will do that before deleting extension .

Just keep patience. They will solve your problem and shall release your payment soon bcz it’s not a scam that i have experienced.

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already 2 days it happens and antminer task continue not working

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today 10 tasks no valid , no timer , not working , no higtlight, !!!

been having the same problem,help

I have experienced the same. All tasks is a “No”. Also the timer does not show. how can one get it back?

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We can’t do anything in this problem