Task not giving

is this end of clickspaid? or updating software


are you also not getting any tasks today?

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Yesterday i completed 98 tasks
But today i didn’t receive a single task yet

98??? wow!!!
Same here, not getting any tasks today… :smiling_face_with_tear:


Again same problem
Not able to complete surveys


Yes i completed total 155 tasks in last 2 days

Hope we have so many tasks every day, and all are $0.1 :crossed_fingers: :pray:

I m getting only $0.05 per task

I only get $0.1 occasionally. Maybe it’s randomly selected?

same problem not getting any task what’s going on @clickspaid

can you please guide us . how do you completed so many tasks in 2 days. We too received a lot of tasks yesterday but majority of them was not highlighted in google search results. Do you have any other tool or technique to exactly find the highlighted link in google search research ? If yes , then can you please share that with us.


No i am not using any other tool
I am just using 5.30 version of extension instead of 5.32 version
If I don’t get highlighted website then i do search that website manually and complete that task
We can’t search website manually in 5.32 version

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It’s probably not giving because you did a lot of tasks yesterday…:hugs:

It means you are getting tasks today??

Same ! Since 2 days I got 100+ task but Not a single task today :smiling_face_with_tear:

can you please send me extension file 5.30 version of clickspaid on my email address jnbg3782@gmail.com. I am unable to find this extension anywhere…

Check i have sended you

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Just go to software page where link is highlighted just copy the link https://jobs.clickspaid.com/download/clickspaid_jobs-5.32.xpi and in the end change the version number replace with 5.30 and hit

hi bro can you please send me extension file 5.30 version of clickspaid on my email address karthikrajajps@gmail.com

Check i have sended you also

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