Task request error, and it's been 2 days, I don't know why? Can anyone help?

Task request error, and it’s been 2 days, I don’t know why? Can anyone help?


I also experience this issue, as many people also do. For approx two days I can’t get jobs because of an error.

Tried reinstalling the addon and updating the browser. Didn’t help. Apparently it’s something wrong on serpbot’s end. Two days is a lot of downtime. It’s a business, and each minute costs them quite a lot of money.

So it’s either an update gone wrong and or some rogue critical server error they can’t seem to deal with on short notice. Or they abandoned everything for some reason, but that’s less likely since the website and all is still running.


Same here guys, I also have this problem. Hope it is sorted out soon.

Today I’ve been getting this Report response error after finishing task. Pretty weird.

Can you provide details of report response error?

Same here till some hours ago. Now I’m getting tasks normally.

Yeah, haven’t gotten that error again today. Seems everything is back to normal.

same problem I am also facing during 4 days