Task with https in address not working

Search was not highlightend and no task count was working even finding the correct website because of the https:// website in the task please fix task website correct webpage address
Screenshot 2024-04-16 082227

like above screenshot any website with https in the task not working and no counter works


so it’s happened to all, does this company still available or not

All task coming with https on front are not working its highlighted on search but on entering the website task timer not working…

other websites are working fine…

payout request need to fix.

my task page need to fix.

payment need to be done quicker

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Everyone need to stop working till they make payment and need to fix all the mentioned errors…Now More tasks are available which are not working we just wasting on doing the tasks


From Morning i got 40 tasks but only 3 was successfull and other websites highlights not work bcoz of https on front