Tasks not credited "Request Response Error"?

Every time I completed a task it says request response error, Stop working guys this is ridiculous.


Same here! Do you know why?

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Same but not all tasks.

May be try reinstalling the extension. It worked for me.

same here, ClicksPaid team i know you read our complaints, kindly fix all our issues

still the same after reinstall

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Same here! I try reinstalling the extension but didn’t work

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Same issue here. Tried reinstalling the extension and still getting this error.

Same here! I stop work today
Report response error


YES! Why is it like that?

I feel the same here. Please ClicksPAID, help us.

same 3 tasks not credited due to server error response

Same here 20+ complete tasks are not credited

many searches not validated, because there is a problem with the time counter

task not credited here,all in red

facing same problem since 6/07/2023…anyone who faced it previously please tell how many days it will remain so we will not waste our time…thanks