Tasks not giving

Hi! Clickpaids team, from a couple of days I have noticed that the tasks are gonna limited and mostly not found in the search engine nor highlighted.


its happening with me also wasting 6 to 8 hours to get 4-5 tasks that open is use less and just for say we are getting nearly 20 tasks a day in which most of them dose not open


Exactly, same problem is facing mostly clickpaid users

The frustration of getting a task and failing to complete it.
But please understand that it is not clickspaid making. That the sites do not appear on search is the site owners making.
People summited those tasks to clickspaid who publish them for clickers to do. If google has not reorganized the site link under the search criteria, it might not appear on search. But after some times, they might begin to appear starting site owners country.

It is frustrating but please understand with clickspaid. They have tried to make tasks from other countries available to others. If not, some of us might not be getting any tasks.