The account is permanently restricted

My account is permanently restricted. I I don’t have multiple accounts

loi clickpaid
What should I do now? I send an email to clicks paid to contact

Honestly, just switch to Earn Money as a Clicker as they actually pay out and have real support. ClicksPAID is scamming a lot of people. Their support does not get back to anyone…

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I am doing Earn Money as a Clicker also but not much like clickspaid

Whether they have more or less work really isn’t as important as to whether they consistently pay people or not…lol


Bruh!! It used to be good site but rn there are no tasks in it. It justs loads until the end of the day. Also you just posted a referral link and promoting it.You could have just mentioned it. So, I don’t believe anything you say.

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I don’t see how posting a non-referral link makes it any more legit. I make like $30/month with SerpClix. This site stopped paying me after the first 3 payments. They wiped out all my referrals here AND put a huge negative balance on my account that is greater than all the money the paid me the first 3 months combined. This site has zero support too. SerpClix is still king.


I made SerpClix for the first 3 months but only received 6 dollars

It is unfair to call ClicksPaid a scam since we have evidence of genuine payouts. The only problem is it is a one man business. It is difficult for them to handle all issues pertaining to bots action. You have no one to explain to if you are blocked by the bot.

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Just because it is a “one man show” and is “hard” does not mean they are scam free. It means they have a poor setup and need to rethink their business. They are scamming people as they are NOT paying people for their work. They pay SOME people SOME of the time and screw tons of others out of their earned money. Obviously you haven’t been around beermoney communities because the behavior they are showing is indeed scamming behavior.


i have same situation here. is it solved?

bác gưei cho em xin facebôk của bác với. ae tham khảo con này

no. I even use new Gmail and a month later got restricted again :frowning:

nếu bác chưa làm cái này bao giờ thì chỉ nên làm 1 email thôi đừng làm nhiều email sẽ bị ban vĩnh viễn đấy và bọn admin làm cái này không bao giờ phản hồi thư hỏi đáp thắc mắc đâu

ý em là bác có facebook không cho e xin hoặc telegram để e bàn chuyện về con này với. e đang mới tập chơi