The site is working again

the site is working again

you will see a red banner indicating that you must install the new version of the addon
1- uninstall the old version of the addon
then close firefox
then open the firefox browser and install the new addon (new version5.16)
and you will see the links highlighted in red again

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even after update still doesn’t work

yes, it’s working again for me

which windows version are you using

A me non funziona, windows 8 firefox 112

I am using windows 11 firefox 112

Nope, i updated extension and restart firefix and having same problem. Following rules, open 2 or 3 other websites etc but countdown stops at 1 and i get failed task each time.

It worked for only 2 Days. Now I have a new problem with the addon:
The buttons stays “Waiting for a task” but no new tab with the google search is opened.
I see lots of unsuccessful jobs in the myTask-History.

I keep getting task request error