They dont pay referral $$

Not sure why whenever I get my pay, my referral amount was never added into the payout. It has been over 6 months. Nothing was done. I want my referral money back! Scam site

i have more than 230 reffral since last 2 month but recieve only 73 cent and last 14 day i did not receive any reffrel commision .

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Do you get you monthly income?

yes bro i have more than 235 referal and my reffrel earninig for 65 days is only 79 cent hahahaha . i am in stress because i spent 50 usd $ for 180 reffral . andn i am confuse to calculat that i will my recive my 50 $ investmet without any interset either 2030 or 2032 .

:rofl: maybe your referral only register to the site and didn’t do anything and left.

Tiene la pagina algun problema para reflejar los referidos, se me han registrado 5 solo me aparece 1? alguna respuesta?