Those who didn't get Withdraw this month

Those who didn’t get Withdraw this month


so, have you never received payments from the ClicksPaid site?

It doesn’t really matter if this person did. They pay randomly to some people. Some people never get paid. Some people are lucky and get paid every month. Their support do NOT reply to anyone and when they don’t pay, they just keep your money and let you keep earning in hopes you get paid the following month… Just switch to Earn Money as a Clicker as they pay out every month without all of this nonsense.

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Is Clicker 1 proven to pay? how to play it so you can earn

It is the same basic concept. They have the directions on their website and it actually works better than this garbage…

what is the name of the website link?

seems serplix doesn’t work in Indonesia, because i’ve never got any single task

no payment this months

If you click the link it takes you right to them…

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