Timer not started and task also not highlighted

Hi Clickspaid Team,
I am a user of Clickspaid and I receive two payments from clickspaid. Now I am facing a problem. I think it’s a bug that when I find a task link and click on it the timer is not starting and at the end task time is out. The task is also not highlighted. Basically this has happened since I reset my computer. my computer was running slow so i reset it after reset this problem occurred. I tried to reinstall firefox and extension also but the problem persists. I follow all rules and terms of Clickspaid. So please suggest a solution to how I resolve this issue.
Clickspaid user
M Tayyab


Yes, it appears that many users are facing the problem that the website is not highlighted, so they are not being paid.


same here, and they never respond my report issues

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Same problem i am facing

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I face this problem since 4/07/2023 no highlighted tasks found.I want to notify that I have been working to get tasks and ClicksPaid paid me 3 successive payment. Now All highlighted tasks despite the fact that the extension works well.
How can I solve this problem?
Thanks for helping me in advance!
Mohamed Ali Soliman.

Also still experiencing this issue. Guess it’s not possible to earn until they somehow fix it.

anyone knows other sites for small jobs or big jobs to earn money ?

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here you go
it’s almost the same


thank you so much buddy :blush:

If you want more websites drop me a line at mailpoze1@gmail.com

do they already fixed the error ?

work started. thanks clickspaid.

Same to me,cant find the highligghted sitess the lastt montth,please solve this problem

Yes, the problem has restarted again