Unable to Complete A Single Task

Hello All,
I have tried to complete tasks but not a single attempt has succeeded. I am following every instruction described. I have installed firefox extension, searched keyword in google, i clicked on the mentioned website and 3 other random websites as well. I scrolled through the open page of the task website with some other pages as well. But still when the timer is completed it shows that task is not completed.
Please help it is really frustrating.


Same here, countdown stuck on 1 second and thats about it. Failed to complete tasks 1 by 1…

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Same here, so frustrating…

why in pakistan there is no task from yesterday is any other pakistani facing the same problem?


yes same here . no task

no task also…from yesteday…

r u from pakistan or not beacuse its 2nd day i am not reciving a single task

i m from malaysia…not pakistan

That’s a reload issue.
Whenever you are about to click on get task, simply close the addon tab and reopen the addon afresh.

Even I m facing the problem of not crediting after completing tasks …

Same problem here also, but don’t understand why no one from the support team is checking these issues and fixing it.

Same here, increase the click’s paid to 0.1 but can’t even complete one single task, WHAT A JOKE?