Waiting for 1 minutes is just wasting time

I don’t know why they change the timer, but need to wait for one minute before another click is just wasted time, especially we don’t know when we will get new task


Seriously its a waste of time


1min wait is not bad at all, only if we would get some tasks at all. 3 tasks a day is a joke.

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it’s okelah 1 minutes, as long as they pay us, it’s oke lah… haiyaahh…

but the last time I checked I had not received payment due to my balance being 20$ which I got from November 25th… LOL

ganti pake bitcoin kak :slightly_smiling_face:

dari awal udah set bitcoin om

coba email support clickspaid nya, akhir-akhir ini mereka suka bales

saya cewe bang :sneezing_face:

wkwkwk, sorry kak sorry.

The one-minute wait removes the desire to check for new activity. I hope it returns with the usual 5 seconds :pleading_face:

They will pay you in first 5 days of January 2024. happy festive.