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This keyword: “In this lesson i’ll teach you ways to become associate affiliate marker in only every day or 2, with the eBook i’ll offer you for this tanning you may begin creating your initial sell from your day one”

Does not pop up, you guys could add a report options for those tasks that don’t appear, would be really helpful :smile:


I don’t know how you(website) work I am also new here but I have a request please don’t hold your workers payment they work for you and you work for them and that’s how this cycle work. Hope everyone gets their payments.

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send my payment of december 2022 which is showing panelty …why i dont have multyple account

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i got task and google engine appear .
then i search the key on google but no highlighted link return.
my task fail continuously many time with this problem.

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“No available task” immediately when I click a new task.

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don’t waste your time guys its complete scam scam


I have been working on clickspaid for more than 9 months. It is a paying site. The company is located in Barcelona Spain where I do live. This site is not too much old. There are some bugs and I think it is normal. I hope admin will solve this problems.
I noticed some negative reviews about this site. But I can not say them scam. They pay on the time but if they make late to pay on the deadline, we should not judge them as scammer.


please, help me,
how to make my task successful,
please give me tutorial so that get earn.

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not receiving any tasks kindly help

I am not getting any payment, please kindly help solve the problem.

nice one have agood dayy

Su cuenta no es elegible para pagos rápidos. Espere los mensuales regulares. por que me dice esto si ya estamos en los primeros 5 dias del mes

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Find and click at the website is not working please admin check on this site and try to fix



and click at 2-3 other random websites

Open at least 2-3 pages and stay at least 1 min and on the website.

Task time to live