Hello! so ı am doing like they are saying… I am searching from google… And the webpage i opend is correct ı am spending time in that webpage cliking in there… and even ı am opening two or three pages from that webpage but it still no :frowning: can someone tell me what ı am doing it wrong pls :frowning:

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Bro update your SMM extension.
Just re-install

Hi, i have the same problem, i dont know if i am doing something wrong, i installed the add on but it is not red and it doesnt say smm, it is just a magnifying glass and when i click there it shows the login part.

you need to login there.

For me its the same and yesterday I sing up here so my plugin is on date , only I could get credited one task and lose the other (around 5 or 6 more task)