Addressing a Problem with The Extensions Payout Settings Page

Hi Clickspaid!

Unfortunately, I’m addressing some problems that I’ve come across, hoping to make ClicksPaid better.

1-In the payout settings url, in BTC Address, you can type anything, and it will register and save it. Fix: It should be able to differentiate between an address and an email; I mistakenly added PayPal into the BTC address.

2-There should be a warning that you can only use one payout setting, not PayPal + BTC. I thought I could register my PayPal and BTC together, assuming it knows the difference. Later, I mistakenly requested payment to BTC while it had my PayPal in it. I have since fixed it, but now the ClicksPaid team has a request for BTC with the address of PayPal. I’m sure they’re going to decline it, hopefully, so that I can request it to the right address, or they’d fix it on their own.

TLDR for Users!
1- Be careful; the payout settings only accept one method, not 2, like either you’re using BTC or PayPal.
2- In BTC Address, it will save anything, even if it’s not a BTC Address. Like, you could type in a PayPal email, and it will register it. So be careful about what you input and under what method.

TLDR for Devs!
1- Make a warning on that page to let users know they can only use or add one method at a time, not PayPal + BTC.
2- Add some address validators so that in PayPal, it only accepts emails, and in BTC Address, it only accepts addresses.

Thanks Clickspaid!

Nice bro! hope they fix these bugs so that users can get better experience

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