Beware! they didnt sent the full payment

Beware of this website they didnt sent the full balance from your account in my case I have 12+ USD in my balance but they only send 6 USD BTC this is outrageous!!!


Me too! I’ve got $18+ in my balance, and they only sent me $11.65, I don’t know why.

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It was happened to me too!! I have 12.35 dollars in my account but they sent me only 8.45 dollars and that day it was showing the remaining balance but the other day my balance was not showing and it wasn’t came in my paypal too!! were it gone I don’t know.

Same here, I have 6.05 dollars and they sent me 4 dollars, after that I was collecting again, yesterday I had collected 2 dollars and today it appears -7.8 I have no idea why