Bull shit site no payment

All of thous are fake. Neither they paument or its safe be aware

wow! so they dont pay ?

Did you try to contact the support, people are getting paid monthly so i don’t really think that the website has a personal issue with you.

Try to reach the support and understand whats wrong with your payouts.

when do they pay exactly ?

The 5th working day of each month, in some cases the payments are delayed for more extra days

ok , thank , i have trust wallet and coinbase. can i use the bitcoin address from either one of those?

please spend some time reading the FAQ


No payment and no response yet :frowning:

hey, have u gotten paid yet?

No but I still have money in my balance

you got paid in january work?

so i dont get it . they only pay some people and dont pay others? something doesnt seem right here

just got it guys! check your wallet

just as i thought. penalty. multiple accounts. what multiple accounts? and the person th at refered me said that he got the same thing. bunch of bull. scam website. they only pay some people. stealing from people. this is completely dishonest

I got some penalty thing too. This is obviously a scam website. it seems like they dont want you to earn too much. i knew once i had over 20 dollars that they were going to make up some false excuse not to pay. completely unfair