Didnt find any site

Not a single website gets highlighted or If I manually search they are still not there

Nowadays clickspaid is just a waste of time
No task, no money, only waste of time :disappointed:

it’s hard to do hustle here nowadays

Clickspaid getting worse day by day
Its high time to find alternate of clickspaid

nowadays Clickspaid only can get 1-4 tasks per day…sigh, what happened?

you can try serpclix

Even serpclix is also same
No much task available and no highlighted website found

Its demand and supply, maybe the upcoming days could have more or less tasks, maybe next month is 3x or 4x, its random.

Can anyone tell site name-

It’s not about supply and demand. The clicks are appearing but can’t be found (nothing is highlighted). It’s one thing if there are no Clicks available but why have us search if nothing is highlight and we are not getting paid!

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