Got Penalty without any Reason

Hello ClicksPaid I have been working with you from 2-3 months. i worked hard for you guys but my account got multiple accounts error on 25th April since then I am reaching your support but nobody help me this is my last time I’m asking for help

Please activate my I’d i didn’t do anything wrong.

Give my penalty payment as well because it was my hard earned money

I hope you’ll tell me how much time it’ll take to activate my account

Please reply…
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We are very sorry that you were blocked. There are several reasons for blocking, such as using a VPN or proxy. You could also be blocked due to the discovery of multiple accounts or a cheat bot (script) that leads to a violation of our policy. We have to deal with this; using a VPN, if you try to hide your second account, you will be blocked, and your account will also be blocked, and you will not be able to withdraw funds.

I don’t have multiple accounts and i don’t use any VPN or proxy it’s a type of error I think you must check
I am requesting you I’ll do anything for clickspaid
I didn’t do anything against your Bar
Please help me clickspaid it’s been 10 days
@clickspaid2 @clickspaid

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Be patient, i have already faced this problem but my account was activated again after 2 weeks


it’s you, but mine it’s been one month, they still accuse me that i have multiple accounts, use von or proxy or whatever it is

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Same here bro I didn’t have multiple accounts :sob:

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May be! But I am saying that what I had faced