How do I get assignments?

How do I get assignments?

check this link out, if you still run into any prob then contact with their support team

i also having this problem when i do tasks on phone any solution?

I have this exact same problem especially today, I’m facing:
1-The site is not in the search results.
2-Timer didn’t start, stuck at 300 sec.
3-Timer is not stuck, site is in the search results, but extension timer that counts from 60 to 0, gets stuck at 1, thus not recording the click.
4-Site is redirecting to another site, thus click is not registered.
5- Site is an adult site, so i get out from it, although i’m checking the no adult button, thus task wasted.

I wish the devs fix these to make the experience better, and the rating fair, cuz getting a lot of NOs without doing anything wrong is unjust.

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Yes, we wish the same.

Anyway, you got 0.05 or 0.10 for every success task ?

0.05$, I’m from a third world country, so, understandable.