Interesting things to learn from this forum

One interesting part I noticed this month is I was sent a congratulatory message saying that I received a ‘Trust’ badge. I feel is GREAT about this!!.

But then there are FIVE levels and I just got Level-1 Badge. Anybody who has reached Level-5 and active in this community forum?

And did you people receive payouts for Tasks completed between 6 - January 2022 TO 5 February 2022?

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Congrats :clap: for me I’m conformable spending 15 to 30 minutes tasking daily and get some extra BTC by the end of the month.
But this forum need a moderator someone to answer questions or at least publish announcements as it used to be before the luck of information here sucks but we have nothing to do but waiting since the website is legit and paying each month despite the delay.