Problem with this website

Sometimes i need to search for for the keyword

english-quiz الضمائر
in Google
Find and click at the website
and click at 2-3 other random websites
Open at least 2-3 pages and stay at least 1 min and on the website.
But after found it and click it, it redirect me to another site so the countdown don’t start and i fail the tasks.

Also another problem with this task: for “flores a domicilio” can’t be found on google results.
And with Keywords gayhub xxx or something like that…every time i get fail tasks…cause is impossible to complete. Please resolve these issue cause they are destroying my success rate.


I also face this problem. This is the bad system I ever tried. I also mentioned these bugs but they are not concentrating on it.
They charge so much from advertisers but don’t invest some money to improve their software :rage:.
I am getting more adult tasks. Why? It decreases the earning as well as Performance. Adult option is disabled but still I am getting.
Whats wrong with your system?:angry:


Sadly i never get reply from developers or support team…
The system is good but not optimized.
Also i don’t like adult content but i able it to earn more xD

For me also on the keyword greek honey thehell*** is not available


I can find greek honey website…maybe try to search more

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i tried many time but i could not find it.

Same here i am also disable adult tasks but they giving me adult task with others tasks daily

**Update **
Now i can find gayhubxxx and earn commission.

what is the nae of the website?