Request Payout Button

Boys and girls please have a look at your “new” button at payouts. Hopefully NO ONE will NOT get paid anymore.

I’ve gotten hold of the admins and asked them last night for payment. This morning I’ve received it.

Thank you ClicksPaid for paying me.


I love it :heart_hands:
And I’m sure everyone is happy with the “new” button.


That’s good news, thank you
but please share are you getting tasks? cause I am not getting any like am getting 1 or 2 tasks a day.


@originals No my tasks is also 1 - 4 per day. No more than that.

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Glad that you received your payment. Had us worried for a second there when you said you’d leave :stuck_out_tongue: !
I’m curious, what do you use as payment method, bitcoin or Paypal?


@Dr.Jon7 - I left for about a week and then yesterday, I thought to myself… this is utterly nonsense. We all worked hard to get above that $5 - $10 mark. So that was when I started searching… there is always a trace to something. I just hope the peeps that did not get paid yet, will be paid soon. I’ve got payment through PayPal.


what is the min payment for cash out straight away?
must be $10 because when i request a payment i get Your balance is too low.

As you can see from here - Login Bitcoin is min 5$ and Paypal is min 10$

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I requested my payment 3 days ago. How long did it take them to pay you?

@mailpoze1 - They’ve paid me after I’ve emailed them and then a day later they blocked/suspend me. Still on 21 days waiting period of paypal.


Request a Payout option is useless for PayPal users.