Subject: Correct Instructions

No matter what I do, the tasks are failing.
The popup tells you one thing the task description another. Directions are vague. I click, stay 60 seconds the pop-up says click a random page. I click random page. After a bit, the pop-up says it’s complete and I can select another task. MEANWHILE, the task description say click 2-3 random pages stay on site for 1 minute. When I click 2-3 random pages and stay on site one minute the timer on task page is still running. If I stay on each random page one minute the pop-up says it timed out. EITHER WAY IM NOT GETTING PAID. AND NOW I REMEMBER WHY I LEFT THIS BEFORE- BECAUSE OF THE SAME SHENANIGANS.:rage:

  1. Am I clicking 1 random page or 2 to 3?
  2. If 2 to 3 random pages am I staying on each 1 min??

I didn’t have these problems at first, now suddenly it’s back to how it did when I left a year ago.

You can try to work like on a video tutorial