"Task is timed out"

I keep getting this notification that the task is timed when there are around 10 seconds left on my timer. I use the right keywords, find the right website, click on it and then the message I mentioned appears. It’s been happening in the last 2-3 days. Before that I didn’t have any issues. What should I do?


Hi, which country are you in? I don’t have a timer anymore since the last upgrade of the extension
But I too have an issue I haven’t received a valid order since Saturday midday, I hope you get help though.

everyone seems to be having this problem lately. the plugin is broken for sure. this needs fix asap.

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hello everyone, there is a problem with the timer, which counts down the time and leaves only 1 minute to find the site, and as you have to stay 1 minute on the site, the visit is never validated and the timer remains blocked at 1 second, because the time has been exceeded, it is certainly the plugin which has a problem, let’s give the person responsible time to carry out the repairs

they already fixed the issue. all is working right now.

Yes. It’s fixed now.