The addon doesn't work

When I click get task it says please try again later and it’s been several days. I reinstalled the addon, browser

I’m facing the same problem. Did you mange to fix it?

Yes, I did somehow.
I cleared all history of my browser, reinstalled the addon, reinstalled the browser. The last one helped try any of these if you can.

But not suddently and after a day or so maybe it was the site or you somehow broke the rule on FAQ: What should I take care of point 3(SMM shop stores your activity data and its quality index associated with your IP. You should carry out the tasks properly, otherwise your quality index will drop below the threshold and you will stop getting new tasks.) , you didn’t complete tasks succesfully and they block you for a some time that might be the case. Just try what I told if it doesn’t work you need to wait some time mine is working now

Thank you, i will try. To me its been a month and half getting the same problem