When do they pay ? When do they suspend account?

I see that everyone receives their payments, 40 days and they do not approve my withdrawal, I would like to know if they will pay me or suspend my account for any reason they have. please let me know to create another account. my email is… kahosdark1@gmail.com

same happened for me didnt get april payout. You can email them support@clickspaid.com

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There are not enough funds in your balance to make a withdrawal. If you create a new account using the same IP address, we will have to block both accounts. Please read the rules on our FAQ page before creating an account.

Obviously I don’t have a balance because I made a withdrawal and it has been pending for 40 days. That’s why I wonder if they will pay me or tell me that I use multiple accounts, if so I change my internet provider and create another account. This is not the first time that users have had their accounts unfairly suspended and others have not been paid. I hope you understand me, thank you.

hi my account is deactivate due to multi account reason…is any possible way to reactivate account…please give solution…reply it